I Got Religion?

Well, musically that is...just returned from a show featuring Eilen Jewell and her opening act/backing band, The Sacred Shakers.

The Sacred Shakers are primarily roots Americana gospel, or something like that, ranging from covers of the more religious sounds of George Jones and Elvis to the Rev. Gary Davis and the Louvin Brothers. Great stuff if you're a fan of that gospel sound, or even the rockabilly/classic-alt-country/soul genres.

Eilen Jewell is a little more variety of covers as well as her fantastic original songs, which, to her credit, sound like they came from the same songbook as her inspirations. I picked up a CD of the Shakers and an LP of Eilen's latest work. The band even stuck around to meet'n'greet and sign merch! I had forgotten how much fun it is to meet the band and get stuff signed, especially after such a great show.

Check them out if you are a fan of, um, MUSIC.


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