Lunch at Guida's, a roadside hot-dog stand established in 1946. I had a cheeseburger, but after watching the grill, I'm going back for a BLT. Or maybe breakfast.

After lunch I went to find Hubbard Park, to see if I could get to Castle Craig. The access road up to the tower is still closed for the season, so I'll check back on a nicer day for a hike, or wait for the road to open. The "castle" was dedicated in 1900, and it sits 1,002 ft. above sea level.

I settled for the ice covered roadside rocks along CT-66.

ice rocks

With this mild winter they've been freezing and thawing and have built up some serious ice. There are also these layers of ice with melt behind them.

ice rocks

Hard to see at 65 mph, but worth pulling over for.

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