Stitchy McYarnpants!

We went to West Hartford this afternoon to see Stitchy McYarnpants live and in person at Sit-n-Knit. She had some awful examples of delightfully awful things, both in picture and actual knit form. She has been frequenting eBay and finding genuine bizarro knits.

We went to lunch at the Elbow Room, right down the street, and thankfully chose to sit outside.


If we had sat inside we would have missed this gentleman's pants.


Topographic snakeskin trousers. Slacks. Not actual snakeskin, just that weird print. On pale yellow. With. That. Sweater.


Oh yeah, also, last Thursday night I went to see the Melvins with Ethan, at Toad's Place in New Haven. It was loud. It brought the rock. Next week is Del and the Fiery Furnaces, on consecutive nights.

Rocktober out!


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