Work is for suckers.

Suckers like me! I have been working 40 hours a week at my part time job these last few weeks. That doesn't mean there's no time for other things, including a trifecta of musical shows.

I made a pact with Ethan to see three shows in three nights last week. Thursday was hip-hop with Dr. Octagon, AKA Kool Keith, with opener 7L and Esoteric. Friday was Elf Power, with openers Geoff Reacher and The Secret Ink. Saturday was The Hold Steady, with openers The Big Sleep and Sean Na Na.

Kool Keith was good, but he didn't Dr. Octagon much, and in fact he did this oddball "medley" which was about 20 seconds of one of his "hits" from some album, then a pause, then another 20 seconds of "hit". I was glad to go because it was my first experience at the historic Toad's Place in New Haven, but the show was less than stellar.

Friday was great, starting with the fact that the rock show was at the Wallingford American Legion, and all the bands were good. It was like having the bands in your livingroom, or your wood paneled basement rec room. Aparently this location is the former HQ, and the legion hangs on to it and just rents it out for the most part. This show and Saturday night's show were produced by Manic Productions, a group of guys that bring a great variety of bands to the local empty lodges of various sorts.

Saturday was the final show, which just happened to be in Hamden, just down the street from my new(ish) job, at the Hamden Masonic Lodge. Much like the Wallingford American Legion, but with a slightly more modern rec room feel, this was a particularly sweet show for me, as the Hold Steady is 40% Lifter Puller, one of my favorite Twin Cities bands of all time. Sean Na Na is also a favorite, and the Big Sleep was heavy rockin' too.

All that and a couplea tag sales added up to a fine weekend.


Pictured: palmy plant, ice cream maker, sewing kit, pots of the tea and flower variety, and a Red Cross water safety manual.


Blogger david said...

I love the sewing box! I once had dinner with Andrew (lead singer) from Elf Power in Hoboken. They are nice southern folks.

3:23 PM  

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