Weekend Update


Went on special The Cupcakes Dinner Date™ to Arugula restaurant in West Hartford, where we were served, by our own choosing, steamed mussels (served in a teapot) and sweet potato fries (served in a pint glass)...

Teapot mussels @ Arugula

Arugula Val

...mixed greens/gorgonzola/walnut salad (sorry, no picture, can't snap, eating), followed by a smoked salmon/goat cheese/red onion/cucumber flatbread (i.e., pizza-thingie)...

smoked salmon flatbread

...and finally, a mocha/coconut creme brulee with espresso on the side...

Happy Val with dessert




We bought a washing machine...

Washing machine vs. liquor cabinet

...to go with our liquor cabinet. I mean, um, to save money and time vs. the laundromat.


OK, to be perfectly honest, the washer wasn't delivered until Sunday, which we had planned to spend doing laundry, but instead I spent figuring out how to not flood the kitchen when the washer drained. Turns out the standard washer draining standards call for a 2" standpipe (vs. a 1.5" standpipe) that can handle 17 gal./minute carry-away. I ended up extending the standpipe by a foot and that seems to be working.

anonymous hookup

Stay tuned for more exciting laundry/liquor cabinet updates!


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