The Mighty Tonka!

We just returned from a long morning of an oil change on the Cupcakemobile, breakfast at Mama Roux's, another round of blueberry picking, and a final stop off at Old Maids organic farm.

The farm was self-service honor system in the main barn building, with a few tables and a few coolers/fridges with their different produce and eggs.

Eggs here


There was a table with a scale, and a whiteboard with the prices, so you just figure out what you owe and slide the money in the box on the end of the table, as demonstrated by our friend Heather here.

Heather gets the goods

Besides being a tiny bit closer than our closest Whole Foods, it's a lot more fun to go get the organic goods from the actual farm.

And if you're keeping track, all together we've picked 26 pounds of blueberries in the last two weeks.


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mmmm. eggs.

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