M-M-M-Middletown Motorcycle Mania!

Excelsior-Henderson with sidecar

Tonight was the first annual Middletown Motorcycle Mania event down on Main Street. I just wandered down to check out the scene for the setup and the first hour. I'm no moto-snob, but a big stack of Harleys and custom choppers isn't really my thing. Out of the first hundred bikes or so that had showed up, I saw one Triumph, one Honda, and the Excelsior-Henderson sidecar rig pictured above. Oh yeah, and the skull bike. I'm sure there were more brands represented throughout the evening, but the bulk of representation was bigger and chrome-yer than my interests.

There was this lovely Honda CB750...

I forgot to document/mention another recent Goodwill find. I've been looking for a globe, just to have a globe around the house. They're useful, they look good, and they remind you how weird it is that we live on this big round rockball, hurtling through space. I found a good one.

Action globe
(that blur is "simulated spin")

It's a bit out of date...


...but wait, Scan-Globe?, what can that mean???

Light it up!

Not only does it light up, which is more than I could have hoped for in a Goodwill globe, there are two dials at the base that allow you to vaguely pinpoint a location!

Where am I?

Like Hartford! With the light on it also shows you seafloor topology and prevailing currents!

Vague pinpoint precision!

If you would like a location pinpointed, just let me know.


Blogger b-rad said...

Damn that's sweeeet! To think that technology was available back in the early 80's. I definitely have globe envy. Was that purchased with the Karma $$$$. What'd she set ya' back?

10:46 AM  
Blogger Dr. Hectic said...

That was actually purchased before the Karma $$$$. FOR $4.99! I could hardly believe it myself.

2:56 PM  

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