Weekend Update

Yesterday we drove to New London, CT for SAILFEST, supposedly a celebration of tall ships and such, but in reality row after row of food and vending booths, and a terrible non-lethal accident that happened right after we got there. We walked past the gawking crowd after the fact and then heard the details over the course of the afternoon. My random pictures are here. Sorry, no accident photos.

We didn't stay for the fireworks, supposedly one of the largest displays on the east coast, but we were able to see the rescheduled Middletown 4th of July fireworks from our porch. I tried taking some pictures, just for fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story provides more artillery for the war on senile drivers that I have been trying to wage for years. Mandatory driving tests every year after the age of 65, is that so wrong?

Nice fireworks! Baltimore displays the same electric cars as the New London po-po, however they are embalzoned with advertising for "Larry Flint's Hustler Club".

10:35 PM  

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