Saturday the Botaknist paid us a visit, and as is often the case, we headed to O'Rourke's for breakfast.

Seated and ready

The Botaknist brought some early-birthday* goods with her for Mrs. Cupcakes, so she was gifted and we presented her with birthday Key Lime Bars, limed from scratch!

Happy (early) Birthday!

All the college kiddies are gone, and the campus has fallen relatively silent. The (slightly) off-campus housing has been emptied this week, so there is lots of crap kicked to the curb. I did rummage a bit and scored two good cinder blocks, a ceramic pot, and a pocket edition of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This picture is the house across the street from us.

Garbage house

Other than that, the plants on our porch are thriving, including...



Grandpa Ott Morning Glory
...and Morning Glories.

I have also nearly finished one of my knitting projects from the last 6 months, a pair of fingerless gloves, just in time for summer!


All the ends have to be worked in, but that's it. I'm real pleased with how they turned out, and they'll allow the warmth I need with the finger dexterity I crave.

Stop! In the name of glove!

* Mrs. Cupcake's b-day isn't until later this month, but she and I will be in NC for the actual day, so this was the early NE celebration.


Blogger david said...

those gloves are scary! i like them!

10:34 AM  

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