It's (was) CARRBORO!

It was a week ago, but I had to get my film processed and sort through the digital pictures. In fact, there are still some pictures here somewhere, but I'll add them to this set soon.

We both came back on Sunday, and it felt like we were still in NC, CT WAS HOT! Has been all week, except that it does cool down overnight. I'm still enjoying second-floor living, but it might be time to beg, buy, borrow, or steal some AC. Or sleep on the porch. Did I mention I love the porch? The other day I witnessed the lunch-delivery guy for the little school behind our house standing outside his truck breakdancing. He had the moves, yo.

B&W Still life

Morning coffee, checkin' the blogs, surrounded by thriving plant life...


...and three-legged cats. Lazy, lazy three-legged cats*.

Three legged cat

* Please note, despite Bucky's track record of rapidly working through his nine lives (mysterious boot-poisoning, chain-link fencing, burn-paw, lilly-lover...), rest assured that he still has all four of his legs.


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