On the move before the move

Today is my last day of work at BCE. They must bid adieu to "Utility Typesetter #329". It hasn't been an easy job, and I can't say I'll miss the work itself, but I learned more than I wanted to about the world of thermography and office stationery. I've always liked business cards, and the last few years have been a crash course for me in the most classic format of the medium. Now BCE is doing full-color digital printing, so they'll be able to keep producing cards (among other things) no matter what the future of thermography holds. I'm not just saying this, but I've had some really great coworkers too, and they've made the work bearable.

Tomorrow I fly to MN for the Holidazzle, then one quick, FINAL holiday trip to Fargo, fly back to NC on the NYE, and then we'll be moving to CT in the first half of January.

We have our apartment lined up, and we're thrilled about that. There was a week between viewing the place and having our background checks clear that was a bit frustrating, but now the frustration is focused on the moving companies. It seems there are schemes in place to keep us from relocating for less than $7,000 US, and that is the "discounted" price. Val heard one hopeful epic tale from a coworker of having been moved from L.A. to this area, a coast to coast trip for the bargain price of $850. And that was after being quoted $1,000. It seems the truck went through a weigh station and they realized that they had overestimated the weight of her belongings, so they refunded the difference. We should be so lucky.

Anyway, happy holidays to you all, and look me up if you're in the MSP for the Christmas, in NC for the NYE, and in CT for whatever reason after that.


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