The car gods are angry..

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Ok, so, as Nomad Ben pointed out to me recently, and I quote:

"Hasn't history taught you that you are not destined to own mild-mannered
Japanese cars? I think it has."

He's referring of course to the Honda Civic that I owned for a week, before the gods took it away from me, between my Jeeps and my Suzuki Samurai.

Anyway, on the way to work yesterday, RIGHT before my freeway exit, I blew out the rear passenger tire on the Corolla. I believe this is just a warning from the car gods, and if I pay my respects and sacrifice some bicycles or Segway riders or something, I'll be ok. As some of you know, I do not have the most fortunate automotive history.

I need to dig up pictures and put a chronology up here somewhere, but it goes something like this: 19?? Forest Service Pickup, 1976 Garelli Moped, 1973 MGB, 1976 Jeep Cherokee, Deathwagon™, 1984? CJ7, 1982 World Car, 197? VW Bug, 198? Mitsubishi Turbo Hatchback, the Bluehemoth, 1971 Jeepster (Jezebel), Cherokee II (Revenge of Cherokee), Civic, 1987 Samurai, 1987 Toyota Pickup (Jocelyn), 1977 Honda CB550 Motorcycle, and now, the 1992 Corolla. I'll find the pictures and get all the names and nicknames and post my automotive family tree one of these days. Stay Tuned.


Blogger b-rad said...

I'll be your witness because the guy/seller said that the tires were new. Ironically enough, he had signs covering the gas station and parking lot touting his $25 used tires.

8:14 PM  

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