Hot plate

Now that I have transferred the title registration and passed my inspection, the Corolla is officially mine. I picked up new plates at the registration office, and drove it to work. All is well except for the annoying buzz of some exhaust component(s), which I will inspect myself tomorrow. Something is loose and rattling, but only running at a stop, and only with the car in drive. Odd.

The real problem is the "radio only" situation that I am trying to solve. Do I get a tape deck in the dash and a CD changer in the trunk? Or maybe a dash unit with a mini-plug input so I can play whatever I want? I'm pretty sure I need new/better speakers, but I'll start with the connections, and troubleshoot from there. Depending what the price estimate is for stereo/speaker/CD equipment, I might just buy an iPod and one of those things that lets you listen to it through the radio. Or makes others listen through their radio.


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