SBK, disco, and mo' photo.

I hit the SBK wit' the B and the D (and li'l B too! but NONE FOR HIM) and then my second ever round of Frisbee™ golf. My technique(?) on the course had not changed much since last we met, but I had an idea of what was coming, and I didn't spend nearly as much time looking for thrown discs.

On the way home from morning shenanigans, David and I stopped by Southeastern to pick up processed film. You heard me, F-I-L-M, FILM. He had two disposable cameras from a bachelor party, and I had three rolls from Utah. Part of one roll can be seen here in the form of an evening with the Durham Bulls last month. That was not in Utah.

There was however, a roll of black and white that came out quite nicely, from Utah. That one, along with a few color film shots is here, as well as added to the existing "VALEX in Utah" page.


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