Mmm...iced lakewater...

Mmm...iced lakewater...
Mmm...iced lakewater...,
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This is an "Iced Green Tea" from Panera Bread. It was tasty, but not what I expected. It looked like lakewater and tasted like Kool-Aid. Very little tea involved.

In other green news, I got my Anscoflex II on Friday. I had some 120 film already respooled on a 620 roll, so I loaded it up and burned through a test roll on Saturday. The camera is not as immaculate as I had hoped, but it seems functional, and with a more complete cleaning it should be ok. It still looks cool. It came with the flash attachment, flashbulbs, and even had some vintage "photo equipment" batteries.

Complete with case, travel case, flash, bulbs, batteries and instructions.

slide open the front cover...

and you're ready to shoot!

Built in "close up" and b&w "contrast" filters!

Pictures forthcoming.


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