Power (outage) to the people!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With our history of weather related blackouts here in NC, it was only a matter of time. Our hottest day of the year (so far) and around 8:30 PM, the power went out. Not just us, or just our block, but the entire downtown of Carrboro, and then some, from what I could surmise.

I went out to meet David, and thankfully the meeting spot was just over the grid in the corner of Carrboro that still had power. I would have pictures, but it would only be blurry emergency vehicle lights, and maybe some blurry pictures of the transformer that caught on fire. I did see fire, big fire, behind Cat's Cradle, and Val mentioned that there was a BOOM before the lights went out.

Just as I was composing some fantastic candle photos, the power came back on about 10:45 pm or so, not too shabby for a major outage. We'll have to see what news can be harvested tomorrow.

Oh yeah, congrats to NASA!


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