Val and I went blueberry pickin' this morning. Or mornin', maybe.

The blueberries are entirely a diy event, and the "checkout" is a weigh and pay honor system. $1 a pound for organic blueberries. The operation is run by the Human Kindness Foundation.

There are rows of bushes and you just use provided buckets or bring your own buckets, bags or boxes and pick away.

I was already pretty hot for mid-morning, and we had dressed for shubbery/hiking, just in case, so we called it quits after about 30 minutes of pickin'. That equalled 4 pounds of berries for $4. They're gonna get prepped, frozen, and et. That's right, I said et, as in "I et too much pizza yesterday", or "I et a biscuit for breakfast."

We'll definitely go back for more, maybe earlier in the day next time.

I see many muffins, pies and buckles (and this Buckles!) in our immediate future...


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