Ok, things are almost ready. So, for the five or so of you who read this site, I am resculpting it once again, inching closer to the ideal. There will be controversy, there will be hurt feelings, there will be nonsensical ravings. But first, there will be lots of links to click on from the main page, www.doctorhectic.com. The "mine" section is stuff I have done or worked on, the "not mine" section will deal with things I like or dislike enough to write something about, and the "yours" area is all links to other sites, comments, and contact information.

I hope to post updates here, or on the main page, to let you know when I have added something to a particular area of the site. There are some photos, a link to the motorcycle project under "projects", and various test posts to the music, words, and A/V sections. Right now comments will just be via e-mail, but I'll get a more "guestbook" like interface up there soon, so everyone will be free to post there comments and observations, and everyone else will be able to read them.



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