I like bowling. I'm not good at it, I don't do it often, but I do enjoy it. The problem is that it is expensive in NC, for some reason. It isn't the winter sport that it is in the Midwest, and I think that the alleys have realized that they can use the "movie theater technique" and overcharge for their services as well as their concessions. I will definitely be figuring out the best times to go for reduced rates, and I am going to purchase my own shoes in order to avoid the shoe rental fees. $3.25 per person shoe rental, plus $4.50 per person per game isn't as fun.

What IS fun is SPEEDBOWL! We went bowling last night and had 6 people. We ended up getting some package deal that was about $5 per person per game. It was one lane for two hours, and we got through two full games and had about 15 minutes left. We started a new game and threw as fast as we could. I think we got through three full frames before time was up. SPEEDBOWL! SPEEDBOWL! SPEEDBOWL!


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