Then I woke up


I dreamt last night that Val and I were attending a benefit wine dinner. Sharing a table with us would be some complete strangers, Eric & Jen Maschwitz, and Stephen Colbert and most of his production crew. Entertainment was to be provided by Luther Vandross. We arrived, found our table, said hello to Jeneric (Colbert wasn't there yet, but his placecard was on the table) and I was spotted by one of the organizers, walking around with a clipboard. She approached me and said that my $50 cash that I paid for my ticket had been lost and I needed to pay again. I lost my shit and went off on her on how that was not my problem, until she dropped her clipboard and ran away. I returned to the table and enjoyed the wine and food and Vandross.

Somehow, there was a Vandross afterparty we ended up at where someone's grandma was instructing me on how to make paella (sp?) for the entire party. She was barking orders at me about what to cut up and add to the mix. I performed admirably enough apparently, grandma smiled and nodded, and we all sat down to another meal.

Then I woke up.


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