bleu cheese

A sheep's milk bleu cheese, from Spain. Extra strength, to say the least.

bleu cheese

Not for the faint of heart or nose, but delicious!

We saw some other growths this weekend as well.

Mountain laurel
mountain laurel

Lots o' lichen
cabbage lichen



AND this freaky-ass thing...


...which I'm sure is perfectly plant-like and beautiful normally, but in it's current state made me afraid to breathe too close to it, lest it release a cloud of spores that got into my system and took over my brain.

What's that? Too much X-Files you say? Oh no, no, no, Doctor Who and a host of other sci-fi got to me long before Mulder and Scully came along. Besides, the more I learn about plants and specifically fungus, the more I'm amazed at what they can do.


Blogger Szonjaz said...

Looks like you were hiking in DoctorSuesslandia. How does one get there?

9:56 AM  

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