Midtown Photo, my localest of local photo stores closed up shop last month. There was a big pile of boxes and bags out on the curb last week, so I decided to stop by and take a look. I ended up with photographic odds and ends, and what I thought were a few rolls of expired film. There were a few 35mm rolls and some 120, but this little striped box was not film at all.

Crystar camera

It was a tiny box with a picture of a camera on it that contained...wait for it...A TINY CAMERA!

Crystar camera

These were apparently the kind of thing you'd see advertised in the back of comic books as "spy" cameras, very cheaply made little pressed metal pieces, but they did actually have film, and you could actually get it processed.

Crystar camera

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tinyness of it, but I'm almost just as thrilled to have the box, with the stripeyness and the strange, strange illustration on the top, of a ?girl? ?forcing? a ?goose? to give ?her? a ?kiss?, or whatever...

Crystar camera

Oh, and in case you didn't get it already, IT IS TINY!!!

Crystar camera


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