Halloweek comes to a close.

I had intended to find a pilot costume this week, and then wear it to work today and talk to everyone, co-worker and customer alike, through the phone intercom system.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, from the flight deck..."

However, trying to locate a specific costume, without really trying, the week of Halloween is tricky. This morning on my way to work, while buying MORE Halloween candy, I found this gem for 99¢.

Frankenlex (or Nerdenstein)

Unfortunately it was harder to wear at work, so I spent most of the day like this...

Identity revealed

...BUT once I got home I completed the look in order to hand out the candybeans!


Cheap, but oh so effective! Kids of certain age and most parents appreciated the effort, but there were kid comments including "That's just a guy!", "He's just in a mask!", and my personal favorite, "That's just Frankenstein!", like the Creature is just her cousin or something. Poor jaded youth of today.

Have you met my lovely wife?


We had quite a few visitors, some of questionable age for trick or treating in our opinions, but everyone seemed to be having a good time, and we got rid of all our candy! Not really a goal, but I like it when there are that many kids out for Halloween. We did not see this costume represented, unfortunately...


I'm not sure if the two babies pictured represent the size "range" that this costume will fit, or if there is some sort of Good Vader/Bad Vader choice to make. "Just for once, let me look on you with my BABY EYES!"

Speaking of spooky, there was a tricky frost face on my Subaru this morning.

the face in the frost

One definite eye, one sorta eye, and a pretty definite nose.

On an unrelated note, other than the fact that it's gonna be a treat, I finally tracked down a bottle of Lillet Blanc, in order to properly make Vesper martinis.


I had previously forgotten the origin story that I had heard, which involves James Bond inventing the drink. I just thought they were damn tasty.

And on that note, having enjoyed a Dogfish Punkin' beer, the candy gone, we salute you Halloween, and send you back to the grave for another year.

a final salute to the candybeans


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