Pumpkintown U.S.A., (or Halloweek Part 2, the Pumpkining)

On the way to our graves on Sunday, we passed a curious roadside spectacle labeled PUMPKINTOWN U.S.A.

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

We decided right then and there we would return later in the day to purchase our pumpkins, and so we did. I parked the wagon in the busy parking lot and we crossed the street to Paul's & Sandy's Too, home to Pumpkintown U.S.A. We began with the Pumpkintown Saloon.

Pumpkintown Saloon

There was a clearly inebriated pumpkin outside, but the interior was truly terrifying. Like abductee warehouse terrifying.

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

Pumpkintown Saloon IS terrifying

And as is so often the case, I went right from the Saloon to the Jail.

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

Thankfully I was released in time for the wedding.

Pumpkintown Wedding

One of my favorites was this one, but only because of the added touch of the nametags.

Pumpkin Gothic

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

My true favorite, though was the gourd bird.

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

I also found out how tall I am this fall. 6 feet, just like last year. Sigh.

How tall this fall?

We found our way out of Pumpkintown U.S.A. and to the for real for sale pumpkins, chose two winners and crossed back over to the parking side of the street, where the TWO superfine pumpkinmobiles were parked. There was a "if this pumpkin's rockin', don't bother knockin'" model...


...and a more wholesome, good ol' convertible K-car...

Pumpkintown U.S.A.

We did also secure two plastic pumpkin-sipper-heads full of pumpkin hooch. Well, ok, it was chilled cider. But it was delicious all the way home.


SOMEONE who shall remain nameless

Our stylish host
(might be Chocolate Factory Depp + Blow Depp + Donnie Brasco Depp, but I'm not sure)

invited us over for a pumpkin carving party, so we brought our pumpkins...

Ready. Set.

...took the knives to 'em...


...and gutted 'em...


...and we ended up with an angry Hercule Poirot pumpkin (HASTINGS!)..

Val's Hercule Poirot Pumpkin

...and my toothy pumpkin...

toothy grin

...which may have been influenced by my viewing of the original Japanese Gojira (Godzilla) movie on Saturday. THANKS RUSSELL LIBRARY and your amazing collection!



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