Intro to Sledding 101

12-31-05_0937.jpg, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

This is my cousin Anne, who, despite having been in the Navy and travelled the world and been and done and seen and whatnot, HAD NEVER BEEN SLEDDING. EVER. She did grow up in TX for the bulk of her life, but no matter, we needed to remedy the situation. On New Year's Eve Day, before Swedish Pancakes III, and before my flight back to NC, we got up, went to Target (#00000000001), bought some sleds, and went to College Park. It had snowed, others had blazed some trails, and we had perfect weather for an hour of sledding. More, better pictures:

Unloading the sleds.

Anne's initial run.

Sledding delight!

Ben has sledding delight too!

Saucer launch!


Hiking back uphill.

Action shot.

Slightly better action shot.



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