(not really) - Someone called someone else this morning and said there was a gas leak in someone's apartment. Someone asked a really big favor of someone else and needed someone else to go to someone's apartment because someone was at work and someone else needed to let the gas company in to check out the leak.

"Are you sure it isn't the pilot light?" asked someone else.
"NO. I'm SURE it isn't. It has been smelling like gas for the last day or two." said someone, certainly.
"What about the landlord, doesn't she live there?"
"She doesn't care, I called and left a message. No response." replied someone.

Someone else and Mr. someone else rushed to the apartment. Mr. someone else rushed down the street to secure two cups of coffee and two muffins, one banana nut and one orange cranberry. He returned to the apartment to find Someone else waiting out front. They decided to head around to the back of the building, where they found the gas company van parked and waiting. Someone had told someone else to wait out front.

After the gas company representative locked his keys in his van (oops!) he came upstairs and determined in about 30 seconds that the pilot light on the stove had gone out, relit it, and was on his merry way. While Mr. someone else sat with the windows open and consumed muffins and coffee, Someone else found a note on the fridge from the landlord stating that she would be out of town until the new year, and in case of emergency please call blah blah blah at numbers numbers numbers.

Needless to say, Someone else and Mr. someone else were not pleased. But we'll get over it.


Blogger b-rad said...

Sounds to me like this "Someone" and "Mr. Someone" deserve something in the form of an equally vague reward (e.g. a bottle of fine liquor, or the like).

8:06 AM  

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