Six Months

Viver-Liver @ six months

Viv (and the rest of us) reached her six month birthday last week, and we decided to begin some solid food feedings. So far we have done oatmeal and avocados with adorable, if not nutritive, results.

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She really seems to enjoy the activity of eating, and she occasionally holds the spoon and manages to not poke her eyes out with it. Next foodstuff will be banana, with, I assume, similar results.

We continue to go to work three days a week, and the car rides have been even more of a grab bag of emotions than before, which is good, actually. We were going through a stretch of always ending up upset by the end of the ride, but now she's just as likely to be asleep, upset, or awake and amused. That's progress, right?

Later this month we will be taking her on a longer car trip up to Boston, but that is a manageable 2 hours or so. The real transportation challenge will be her first airplane trip next month, going to MN to meet her cousins and all the other friends and family. I don't think it'll be too bad, but that is the attitude I have tried to apply to everything involving Viv, and so far we've been really lucky. We've had her out and about a lot more in the last month or so, and she has been great, very happy and social for the most part, even outlasting some other infant and toddler meltdowns at a picnic party that pushed her late into the evening. She is a really happy baby, and we are still shocked and grateful everyday.


Anonymous Val said...

I love that Viver Liver! You are such a great dad to her. I can tell she loves her days with dad.

2:11 PM  

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