Episode 435, or flickr kickr

Picture 7.png

This morning, on flickr, I noticed some of my preview images were replaced with some not my images.

Picture 27.png

When clicked on, they were linked to the right images, but the previews at all different levels had a random rogue image every 20 images or so.

Picture 20.png

Some hi-res, some low-res, but extremely random.

Picture 2.png

This was the first image in my cue, which tipped me off. I also checked other accounts, and I think David had the best rogue images, including this...

Picture 33.png


Picture 34.png

...and this.

Picture 36.png

My favorites in my cue were the swedecakes racecar above, this...

Picture 11.png

...and this.

Picture 10.png

The problem had been posted to some flickr forum discussions this morning, and they seem to have figured out it was a server gone bad somehow, not a malicious hack.



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