Birthday weekend extravaganza


The lemon poppy seed pound cake that Val made for my birthday.


The vodka used to make the white russians we had whilst watching Big Lebowski.

Olympia Diner

The Olympia Diner where we had dinner.

Clam Roll @ Olympia

The Clam Roll I had for dinner at the Olympia.

The bowling birthday crew

The bowling birthday crew.

Bowl O Rama

The Newington Bowl-O-Rama (OPEN 24 HOURS!!!) where we bowled.

A chair from my elementary school

The bowling alley chairs that I went to elementary school with.

Fanta Grape

The Fanta™ grape soda I enjoyed at the bowl-o-rama.

Bowling beers

The beer I enjoyed even more than the Fanta.

D is for Drinks

The "D is for Drinks" button.

Bowl O Rama

The Bowl-O-Rama when we arrived.


The flashlight tht I got from my brother. It has one switch that turns it on, and another button that changes the light from white to green to blue to orange to light green to purple to yellow to light blue to pink. The best part, though, are the instructions. And I quote...

"White light is the highest brightness. It can be applied to any illumination situations.

Red light is the most obvious and noticeable. It can be used as an warning color or signal.

Green light is the healthiest. It is good for eyesight and can be used to check map.

Blue light is the coolest and bright in the night. It can be used to relax the fidgety mood.

Orange light is the warmest. It is part of warm color. It can be used to make peace mood.

Light green is mysterious. It can be used to make strange mood such as Halloween.

Purple light is glitter. It can be used to make romantic mood or environment.

Yellow light is glaring and with good penetration. It can be used as a fog lamp.

Light blue light is the tranquilest for composing the emotion. Also can be used in camping.

Pink light is romantic. It can be used to increase the temperament and interest of life."

So there.

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