Say hello to my little friend!

Our second floor apartment has a small porch, and sometimes I leave the door open for our cats to go hang out on the porch. I got a "babygate" from the Goodwill and we use that to block off the stairs so they don't go anywhere.

Today, there was a bit of a commotion out on the porch, as a local chicadee was actually using our birdfeeder. This gets the cats all excited, and I think they spooked the bird, which then flew in the open door and into our livingroom.

House bird

My first attempt at bird evacuation was to pull down all but one windowshade and open the screen to encourage "exit to the light". Our little bird friend was having trouble with the whole ceiling concept, however, and aiming for the opening wasn't easy I guess.

Go that way!

Almost out

A few brief flapping flights around the livingroom, and we decided to head into the kitchen. I took a moment to toss Bucky in the bathroom, and the 2 gray cats into the office room, closing the doors and thereby increasing the bird survival odds eleventy-hundred percent.

Bird on a light fixture

The ugly fluorescent light fixture was our first stop in the kitchen.

Bird on a fan

Followed by a blade of the ceiling fan, which I had thought to switch off as soon as I had sequestered the cats.

Birdcatcher tools

Eventually, between the gardening gloves, a piece of cardboard, and my newest Goodwill chair, I was able to personally escort my little friend back to the great outdoors.

Goodwill chair

Now this is no ordinary Goodwill chair, mind you, or else it woulda been left at the Goodwill. It has a not so subtle secret...

What the?

Drawer of the drawerchair.

Perfect for, um, well...


extra take out utensils!

flask stash!

Granola bars?
granola bars!

OK, so for the time being, I think I'm just gonna stash my playing cards in there.


Yes, that is one set of vintage Playboy cards, but they aren't the typical nudie cards, they just have a cartoon Playboy lady on each ace card. Very tame. More importantly, there is a set of Apple Macintosh playing cards, UNOPENED! The suits are various Mac related iconography, from back when the Mac was that good ol' all-in-one putty colored box. I also have some Bad Badtz-Maru cards, but I think those are in my car.

Any other suggestions for the chairdrawer, other than "You put your WEED in there!"?


Blogger pause said...

um, der, you put your KNITTING in there.

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