Ah, Labor Day weekend begins. A three-day weekend for some, the end of summer for many, and hopefully weather worth grilling for.


This is a scan of a party invitation I found a set of at the Goodwill a few months back. 8 invites with matching orange envelopes. Perfect for the traditional Labor Day celebration of charring foodstuffs. The colors and flames are great, but I mostly love how the scale is so off for everything, as though you took some industrial-strength cereal bowl and carefully stacked the briquettes in a pyramid and then filled the bowl with lighter fluid and set a match to it. "Barbeque Disaster" might be more appropriate, or maybe just say "House Fire" instead.

I hope not to disaster the barbeque this weekend, but I've had quite a bit of practice, so I'm fairly confident with my grill skill. We shall see.


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