I love it when a plan comes together.

Hottest damn day of the year and what am I doing? Knitting.

a sweater vest?

No! I have "completed" one sleeve of my skully sweater!

Still have some sizing issues to work out, but the body seems great and the sleeve just needs a bit of widening at the top, underneath. Some sort of gusset is in order, I believe. Freedom of motion and all those other inalienable rights, don't you know...

I think my next sweater should have turtles on it! Just kidding. But I'm sure there are some great turtle sweaters out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you do brad and i a favor and call david and/or ellen on their cell phones and find out if their flight has arrived. If you cannot get them, please reply back to my email or b-rad and let us know so one of us can go stay w/ miles. we don't know what flight they are on or whether it has been delayed due to weather. sigh - i want my phone back. how does it go susie? i weep?

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

false alarm! ABORT MISSION - 'b-rad' squeezed some juice out of my phone and found david

forget it --- i'm going to bed --- i love you all

11:13 PM  

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